As I AM One, facet and representation of the One Life, Divine Spirit, Breath, Universe, God; I effortlessly align with the Divine timing of this Musical Endeavor and it’s Soul Purpose. The Music Ministry of the Antelope Valley Center for Spiritual Living has emerged in a most magnificent and magically divine time!  This living breathing entity has a heartbeat, a soul, a purpose, and its small heartbeat attracted very quickly the other co-creators who upon answering the inner call to show up; created a vibrationally powerful beacon to more and more Practitioners. This has culminated in just 3 months! The momentum is SO great, and each newly revealed fingerprint of the One Divine; has been integrating into this MOST expansive, MOST cohesive and powerfully DIVINE MELODIOUS ORGANISM ever experienced in our local community. We have quickly recognized that our Soul Purpose in coming together is to Raise the Vibration of our Valley, wake the other parts of this collective consciousness which is not yet fully aware of it’s own Divinity, and we are ALREADY co-creating a frequency and alignment to prosperity, freedom, expression, love, forgiveness, healing and expansion. This tangible swirling of desires and ecstasy is the true nature of our well being. Our spiritual family within the AVCSL is immediately and rapidly thriving and prospering, because they called this heartbeat into being. They each heard the song in their sleep and subconscious, and we each heard it in Spirit. There is a song, a melody, a sonnet being revealed. We are that song. You are that song. The One is THE song. I allow it to be. It is already done. And so it is.



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