I am here, I am open, and I am ready…Use me! I am receptive to all that is being shown to me. I trust this Divine guidance, knowing the possibilities are endless. I am excited to use my gifts and talents. I am useful and I feel the light from within shining extra bright! And so it is, Amen.

Billfold Blessing

Divine love blesses this billfold and keeps it abundantly filled. It is open to both give and receive in perfect proportion and divine order.

The substance in this billfold is blessed for its true use. The owner expresses wisdom, love, and good judgment in handling this money.

All through Whose hands this money passes are enriched and blessed with wisdom, love, and good judgment.

Pray this prayer daily with feeling and Love will prosper you.
LOVE is my Financial Advisor.

My Prosperity is Unlimited.
Love fills my Life with Abundant Good.
Love is my Golden Key to Infinite Riches.
Love guides me in Its Way of Joy, Peace
and Prosperity because of Its Nature.
Even though I may wander into seeming lack,
I shall not fear, for Love is always with Me.
Its nurturing Substance Prospers Me.
Love provides Abundantly for me to
Easily pay all financial obligations.
Love fills my Life and my Bank Accounts
With Unconditional Money;
My Wealth Overflows.
Thankfully, Love Prospers Me
In every Wonderful way, every day of my Life,
And, I forever do business in the Nature of Love.
And So It Is!

“Our Thoughts are Prayers”
Words and Music by Lucille K. Olson

Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying.
Our thoughts are prayers, listen to what you’re saying.
Seek a higher consciousness, a state of peacefulness,
And know that god is always there.
And every thought becomes a prayer.

Our thoughts are prayers, the tools that we create with.
Our thoughts are prayers that Spirit resonates with.
Seek a higher consciousness, a state of mindfulness,
And know that god is always there.
And every thought becomes a prayer.

I Am filled with the vitality, enthusiasm and boundless joy of Spirit and as I freely express these qualities I see every area of my life transforming into greatness.


I AM experiencing perfect wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

I AM living each moment with fantastic health, vitality and energy.

I AM enjoying the peak of perfection in my body, mind and spirit.

I AM alive, alert, and awake in the perfect flow of life.

I AM joyfully expressing perfect health and vitality.


I AM expressing my incredible creative talents in all that I do.

I AM richly giving my gift and receiving the generous compensation of the Universe.

I AM experiencing peacefulness in all my actions and in all my interactions.

I AM demonstrating Divine perfect order and balance in all my activities.

I AM fully expressing my God-given talents and receiving rich rewards through my expression.


I AM love. I AM sharing myself with others, receiving love and having blissful experiences.

I AM harmoniously enjoying all my relationships.

I AM communicating wisely and openly in all my relationships.

I AM expressing loving thoughts and actions now and always.

I AM gratefully accepting my authenticity, my self worth and my self-esteem.


I AM enjoying God’s great abundance in my life.

I AM giving and receiving wonderful gifts of health, wealth and joy.

I AM accepting the gracious prosperity which expresses in my life right here and right now.

I AM knowing that money is God in perfect action, and I graciously accept it now.

I AM continually expanding my prosperity consciousness.

I AM demonstrating my inner wealth consciousness and my outer wealth experience.

This Center for Spiritual Living ~ Antelope Valley
is a Spiritual Home filled with Love, Joy, and Inspiration.

We embrace and celebrate compassion and inclusivity; we grow through connection, balance, and good stewardship.

Meditation 10:30am – Celebration Service 11:00am
1st Sunday is Birthday Sunday – 4th Sunday is Potluck
Youth Ministry available during Sunday Service